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Pepper’s Pet Project

Animal Shelter Fund-Raiser  Selling Air Deodorizer Candles


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Pepper’s Pet Project is a fund-raiser for Animal Rescue Shelters. A portion of Shay Candles Air Deodorizer candle sales is donated to Animal Rescue Shelters.

These Air Deodorizer Candles are formulated with a blend of grapefruit, orange and cinnamon essential oils that naturally eliminate unwanted pet and cooking air-born odors.  These 6oz hand-poured artisan candles are made with natural, clean-burning coconut wax, and will last about 30 hours,

This fund raiser is named in honor of Pepper, the sweet pup that my son, Davinn, and his girlfriend, Melanie, rescued from the Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California in the winter of 2017.
     Here is Davinn and Melanie’s story of how Pepper became part of our family:
“We were at the Carson Shelter looking at the dogs and noticed Pepper sitting in a cage. She was on her cot, sitting perfectly upright, not moving, with a cut above her eye that had been stitched. We knelt to greet her, but she didn’t come to the gate to say “Hi”. She was too frightened to even walk and had to be carried to the visiting area. That little sweetheart melted our hearts. After careful thought about the cost and responsibility of having a second dog, we decided to adopt her.

The goal for this fund-raiser is to donate funds to Animal Rescue Shelters and help keep cats and dogs alive and safe until they find a forever home like Pepper found with us.  Please support these sweet animals by purchasing the Shay Candles Air Deodorizer candle.

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