About Us

           About Us................


      Shay Candles is a Los Angeles, CA home-based artisan candle company owned and operated by Rachez Miller.

The candles are made with NATURAL COCONUT WAX and 100% Cotton Wicks which offers a clean burning and long-lasting candle.

Rachez, her husband and three children have lived in the South Bay Area for over 20 years. Her background is in retail and public relations. She owned Chez Decor Antiques & More gift shop in Redondo Beach for five years.

CANDLES were her favorite item to sell at her shop because the scents created a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere and they brought so much joy to her customers. So, she decided to start a candle business.
After about a year of research and development to perfect the candle making process with high quality materials, SHAY CANDLES was created in 2012.

The overwhelming response when customers smell Shay Candles is an exclamation of “Wow”. This is interesting because this comes from people of all ages and walks of life.

After customers take the candles home (or give as gifts),
they give rave reviews about how the burning candle scent is true to the scent of the unlit candle, and that Shay Candles are their new favorite candle brand.